Орхан Керимов

Представитель Азербайджана на Международном фестивале креативности «Каннские львы» и основатель Endorphin (Азербайджан)

With over twelve years of professional experience in marketing and advertising, Orkhan Kerimov is the graduate of the University of Istanbul, Department of Radio, TV  & Cinema. First steps of his career were focused on advertisements, video clips, and film directing. Later, he decided to carry on with online advertising, social media, and digital communications.

After success at local and global advertising agencies in Turkey, Orkhan got invited by McCann Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2014 Orkhan founded an independent advertising agency known as Endorphin. Since then, Orkhan is a Chief Happiness Officer at the abovementioned agency. Having managed to make Endorphin one of the most capable agencies of the country, Orkhan keeps joining both local and international festivals as a speaker and judge. It's worth noting that Orkhan Kerimov is also representing Azerbaijan at Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival